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We must bring peace- to our homes, our work places, our government our world & our world. Satan thrives on stealing our peace but God thrives on giving it and restoring what was taken.

Peace calms our Spirit and allows us to draw near to the one who gave His life for us.

We must be reconciled one with another. We can choose to belittle each other, fuss with each other or realize God has made a of reconciliation through His son Jesus Christ.

Reconciliation is our Ministry, our calling, our commission, our ambassadorship given to us by God and we represent Him and have His authority.

All of this cam about because of Jesus and His willingness to die so we that we might have life in Him. It all leads up to Jesus, His life, His death on the cross & His resurrection.

Because He died all debts were cancelled, He was triumphant over sin & death! Hallelujah!