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Sermon Jewels

 Sin creates a heavy yoke of bondage that no one can bear without being being crushed beneath it. When God says his yoke is light (Matt 11:28-29) it is because it comes without the worry, guilt, pain & strife sin brings. His yoke comes with peace, grace, mercy & of He loves you & doesn't want you to choose sin but rather life, eternal life in Him.

God wants us to be joyful as through joy comes peace and then righteousness. Sin only brings war & unrighteousness. We need to live for God & always looking toward the eternal kingdom. Jesus is our example in this in how he lived & how he died, it was always about others & never about himself. (Rom 14:16-19)


Choose this day whom you will serve...the Lord or sin. Do not put it off, make today the day, surrender to the Lord Jesus.