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Pastor's Desk

Sermon Jewels

We must bring peace- to our homes, our work places, our government our world & our world. Satan thrives on stealing our peace but God thrives on giving it and restoring what was taken.

Because He died all debts were cancelled, He was triumphant over sin & death! Hallelujah!

He was raised, it happened and that is indisputable.

We must remember that Jesus is LORD! Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, as scripture says- "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord"!

Jesus is active, He is busy, He is at work, He is on the throne, He is Lord.

Lack of faith will cost us all that God promises to give us.

Through ceaseless prayer we can be filled with the knowledge of God's will for us.

if our faith is grounded in Christ, we have an inheritance in him.

We as a people tend to choose security in bondage rather than freedom in Christ.

Our actions and our words cause our minds to fight God and rebel and become an enemy of God.

Evaluate your life, what is keeping you from God or being sold out to him?