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Sermon Jewels

Read 2 Thess 2:16, 17 & Psalms 94:19. During this difficult time, please know & be encouraged that God is with us, God is able. Reach out to Him, seek Him & encourage others to do the same. Be a leader in this area as people are looking for answers during this & we have that answer: Jesus Christ, Lord & Savior.

We are GOD"S FLOCK! Read Psalms 23 to see a beautiful description of how much God cares for, how willing He is to protect His sheep.

We serve a LIVING Saviour! Read Matt 28:1-8. He is a living Saviour, He lived, dies & rose again & lives within us.He is never caught off guard, He loves us- keep your hearts open to Him so He can move in you.

We are the BRIDE OF CHRIST. Read Revelation 21:9-11. God has chosen us forever as a groom chooses his bride...are you ready to be that bride?

We are the CHURCH, the family of God. Read Eph 2:19. We are one church, one family, one body in Christ, The bond between us is love.

We are to LOVE as Jesus did. Read John13:34-35. the word "as" in this means EXACTLY as Christ did, He is our example of how to love each other with a deep, sincere love that comes from the heart.

Do you want Liberty? Freedom? t comes from Jesus. Read Luke 4:16-20